An industry leader in medical education and partnership working. We work closely with our clients, healthcare professionals and even patients to understand and provide the right solution for all.

We offer a full spectrum of services which can be combined to create the exact package required to deliver the results you are looking to achieve with your project.

As we head into our second decade, E4H is proud to offer the medical and pharmaceutical industries a suite of opportunities to achieve their goals.

We are niche, we specialise and we have a deep understanding of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. This enables us to support our clients to deliver their vision and reach their markets in a variety of ways.

We have built upon our core aim of delivering inspirational events with the growth of the Pf Awards, the premier awards within the UK healthcare industry. The Pf Awards proudly stand tall as the largest pharmaceutical sales awards in the UK, rewarding excellence in pharmaceutical and medical device sales across a variety of categories.

The addition of Pf Magazine to our portfolio has brought publishing to our expanding service offering. As the leading publication for pharmaceutical professionals, it allows us to be responsive to the demands of our clients across print and digital.

E4H continues to evolve to ensure we deliver the services and solutions our clients need.