About BIG
The Bowel Interest Group (BIG) is a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to the education and support of healthcare professionals across the UK caring for patients with bowel conditions.


​The aim of the group is to educate healthcare professionals, specifically in in primary care, on effective diagnosis and treatment of bowel conditions, ultimately to improve patient care.

organisations to raise awareness

Commercial and government support
The Bowel Interest Group (BIG) works in collaboration with organisations who shares the aim of improving bowel care for patients. This includes commercial organisations and government, as well as other professional societies or charities.

BIG’s primary consideration with regards to collaborations and partnerships is ensuring that the group's independence is not compromised in any way and it is free to act in the best interests of its members and patients with bowel conditions.

Editorial statement
BIG is made up of primary and secondary healthcare professionals along with experts from healthcare and industry who have a specialist knowledge or interest in bowel management.

Coloplast Ltd funds meetings of the expert group and pays for the services of E4H to provide secretariat support to the group. Coloplast has no editorial control over the content of expert group materials except for reviewing the materials to ensure they are compliant with the ABPI Code of Practice.